ZFC TOBACCOFERT 6:24:20 + 8% S + 0.15% Boron

ZFC TOBACCOFERT 6:24:20 + 8% S + 0.15% Boron


This is a ZFC compound fertilizer that has been formulated for use in tobacco and horticultural crops.

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This product can be used in place of ZFC Tobaccofert (5:15:12) or ZFC Tobaccofert (5:15:12 + 1.5Mg as it contains higher nutrients as well as critical elements Sulphur and Boron. The
product like other ZFC products has good nutrient uniformity and distribution. It is free flowing and therefore easy to apply. As with other ZFC High Analysis Fertilizers it addresses
nutritional aspects of crop production at a lower cost as it is used at a lower rate in comparison to for instance ZFC Tobaccofert (5:15:12).

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